How we work

A fast and tailored way to scale your tech team



A thorough search process starts. This is the hard part but one we genuinely enjoy. We will find several candidates that match your requirements based on skills and personality.



You will perform interviews as per your normal internal interview processes and choose which candidate you want to join your team as a remote team member.



We hire the candidate and make all practical arrangements, taking the load off your shoulders. Every detail is covered for your convenience including HR,
a vibrant office space and equipment.


Start working

Done! Your new team member is now ready to be introduced to your business and team, and can start working right away! Lucytech’s culture will ensure your new team member is thriving.

A selection of

Our clients

Leadership + Advisors

The Team

We have a strong team with extensive experience in the tech industry
across locations and functions, supporting your journey for future growth.

Sanna Khaled

Sanna Khaled

Founder + CEO

Long time entrepreneur with a Masters from Stockholm School of Economics. Experience in running e-commerce and digital media companies. Has been living in Sri Lanka since 2014 but frequently travels to Sweden

Randika Cooray

Randika Cooray

Head Of Operations

Originally a developer, Randika previously ran 6 agile teams with 60 developers under her as a Delivery Manager for E25Media in Sri Lanka, supporting clients across the world. She has a BSc from Middlesex University and an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University

Annika Elovsson

Annika Elovsson

Advisor — Tech in Sweden

Annika is currently Head of Product at Bookbeat. She was previously a Technical Product Owner at Betsson so it is safe to say she has a true passion for product development. She holds a MSc from Linköping University in Media Technology and Engineering

Frida Svensson

Frida Svensson

Advisor — HR + Recruitment

As Chief People Officer at Readly, Frida has a great understanding of HR and culture building. She is a former director at Goodbye Kansas and Head of HR at LeoVegas with a BSc from Stockholm University in Human Resource Management

We will find the skillset you’re looking for!

We will find you front-end, back-end, full stack development, QA, DevOps and UI/UX developers

  • Back-end focuses on: Node.js, Python, PHP, .Net and Java
  • Front-end focuses on: Javascript (React, Angular, and Vue.js, Next.js)
  • Mobile focuses on: Android, iOS and React Native
  • If you are looking for other skills, simply let us know and we will do our best to find you the right developer
We will find the skillset you’re looking for!

A sustainable way forward

Our clients share our core values for remote team member integration and the importance of a great work culture

  • They treat our remote team members just like one of their own
  • Success comes from making the remote team member fully integrated into the client’s team
  • Lucytech has a strong focus on creating a great company culture and making sure the developers thrive
  • We go the extra mile and do not only prioritise a great office and work environment but we also assure that the developers have a good time with their fellow Lucytech colleagues
A sustainable way forward

Meet some of our


Here are a few of our amazing developers who work with some of our clients!



Senior Tech Lead @ home24

Deshan has over 7 years of experience in product and software engineering and has worked on a broad range of tech roles from Software Engineer to Lead Engineer, both physically and remotely. He is an expert at React, React Native, NodeJS, Typescript & AWS and also has specialised expertise in areas such as IoT device-internet connectivity, web and mobile based analytics, digital contracts and mobile video chat apps. His passion is building solutions that fix actual pain points that people experience in the real world.



Senior Tech Lead @ DBT

Isuru is a full stack engineer with over 10 years of experience in developing software solutions for large scale corporates as well as start up companies. He is an expert in Java, Spring Boot, React.js, Node.js, SQL and AWS and is also familiar with Python, Flutter and PHP. He has experience in developing new solutions as well as maintaining and optimising existing software solutions helping organisations to scale up their solutions.
Isuru also loves working with open source and currently maintains several projects in GitHub.



Tech Lead @ DBT

Lasitha has 8 years of experience in the software industry, excelling in back-end development and database technologies. He is skilled in Java as a back-end language and has designed and implemented complex microservices-based systems, demonstrating expertise in building scalable and robust architectures. Lasitha also has an extensive knowledge of Oracle DB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Lasitha successfully handles complex legacy system modernisation projects, showcasing adaptability and the ability to navigate challenging technical environments.



Senior Back-End Developer @ home24

Moiz has over 4 years of experience in software engineering and specialises in developing large, scalable backend distributed systems and microservices written in the Go programming language. He also enjoys working with the stream processing platform Apache Kafka and the cloud infrastructure platform Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Moiz collaborates and works with different departments at home24 to ensure processes, rollouts and ongoing software development runs smoothly and efficiently.

The benefits of working with us

Scale your tech capabilities fast with us

Business model

  • Faster scalability (average 5 weeks hiring time)
  • Cost efficient option with limited overheads for your organisation
  • Zero costs evaluating candidates unless you find a developer to hire
  • Sustainable structure for long-term growth

Our team

  • Swedish management to bridge cultural differences and make communication easier
  • Swedish work-life standards to ensure long term commitment from remote team members
  • Focus on creating the best workplace for the best developers in Sri lanka sustaining talent for you

Sri Lanka

  • A more cost-efficient choice than hiring in Europe
  • High English proficiency
  • Long history of working with Western companies (e.g. Virtusa, Millennium IT, IFS and WSO2)
  • Minimal time difference

A few words from our clients


A few words from our clients

"Lucytech is a perfect match for us in terms of understanding the importance of a good working culture and values"

Tomas Sannestedt, Talent Acquisition Partner


A few words from our clients


A few words from our clients

"We are working with developers in Sweden and Sri Lanka and quality and culture are equally good"

Timothy Forni, Co-Founder

Baby Journey

A few words from our clients


A few words from our clients

"LucyTech is our partner of choice for tapping into the Sri Lankan pool of talents. Great experience both during the hiring process and with the matched engineers!" Unnecessary addition: 10/10, will come again :)

Vladimir Savenkov, Director Of Engineering


Benefits with our paradise island

Work and travel


Start an adventure. This is a great opportunity for your team members in Europe to come and work from our office in Colombo.


Travelling from Europe to our paradise island Sri Lanka is convenient. Numerous flexible flights cover the route.


Arrangements can be made for longer stays for you and your staff to work with your remote team members from our office.


Hotel bookings, office space, dining and surfing or safari during the weekends? We can help you with that too.